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Thank you for supporting me! 

I am so proud of the campaign we ran. I have a genuine curiosity about the issues and have been delighted to share that with you over the years. I am excited about serving Naperville as best I can.


I thank everyone who came out to support me. You gathered petition signatures, wrote postcards, put up yard signs, knocked doors, braided the super-popular dog toys, made calls, and VOTED. You were here for me the entire time. THANK YOU.

Let’s get to work!



Allison’s top goals are to responsibly manage residents’ tax dollars, deliver excellent city services, advocate for responsible, sustainable development that considers the needs of all residents, and to bring people together by focusing on shared experiences and needs. Her analytical background and emphasis on listening to stakeholders, combined with her tireless can-do attitude, will be assets to City Council.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are all on the same team. Read on to see how Allison is running for you.

Yard sign pickup

Thank you for planting one of my bright pink signs in your yard! Please fill out the form and we'll harvest it from your yard to store or recycle.


Allison is not a career politician. When she got into this race it was clear that this must be a people-powered movement. 

Thank you for donating!

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