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Leading the way forward

Naperville is consistently ranked nationally as a Best City to Raise a Family because it delivers for its residents. Its residents are highly satisfied with the city’s services, and Council uses the results of Citizen Surveys to allocate resources. A new survey is coming Summer 2023! The top priorities are to improve traffic flow and congestion and to maintain our infrastructure. Our city's success is built on the strength of our community and the City Council uses creative solutions always improve. 

Development is a way to keep Naperville at the top of the national lists. Allison believes major development processes need to be more transparent and efficient. The lack of transparency and poor project management surrounding the failed 5th Avenue redevelopment initiative doomed the promise of a major development at the Metra station. Naperville can do better, and they have! In the last two years, the city has been successful in breaking ground on some exciting developments: Polo Club , Naper Commons, and the Islamic Center of Naperville.

Allison will listen to your concerns, analyze the problem, and work collaboratively to execute the best solutions for Naperville and its residents.

City services

Naperville residents deserve excellent city services, from snow removal to public safety. Doing it well is one of the reasons why we’re ranked on national lists, most recently as the Safest City to Raise Children ( The City does a good job of reviewing its processes to look for improvement.

Some areas of focus should be hiring additional police officers and firefighters, traffic, stormwater management.


Allison supports reasonable, sustainable development. Growth brings revenue to the city, and commercial sales taxes keep property taxes lower for homeowners. However, the development process should be a collaborative partnership that includes the residents impacted by the proposal.

Naperville should be affordable for young families, seniors, and everyone in between.

Shared experiences

Naperville is a big town with a small town feel and is a reason why people want to visit. Allison wants to bring people together by focusing on shared experiences and needs.

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