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Meet Allison

Allison and her husband moved to Naperville 18 years ago to raise their three daughters. They live in Park Addition, close to the train station. Her oldest daughter is a Freshman at University of Washington, and her twins are Seniors at NNHS. She ran for City Council in 2021, falling short by only 57 votes.

Allison was born in Homewood, Illinois, but her family moved around growing up. She attended elementary school in Puerto Rico, middle school in New Orleans, and high school in Puerto Rico (again) and Connecticut. After graduating with a math degree from Penn State University, she moved back to Chicago.


Allison brings a 30-year career in various roles at J.P. Morgan working with diverse, multicultural teams. A number of skills Allison has developed over her career would be beneficial on City Council, including data analysis, project management, team building, and communication. She is diligent, analytical, and tireless, and regarded as the person to turn to when flawless execution is required. 

Professional experience

Allison is a Vice President and Operations Analyst on a team at J.P. Morgan that manages the flow of hundreds of thousands of transactions each day across global futures and options exchanges. During a normal workday, Allison juggles multiple tasks, from analyzing transactions to educating clients to presenting cost savings to managers. She is a change leader and uses her 30 years of subject-matter expertise to drive process improvements across the business. As an analyst, she loves data and has a logical, analytical mind which would be an asset to City Council. 


In her role at J.P. Morgan, Allison makes evidence-based decisions. She listens to all stakeholders, asking questions of the experts on project teams, and makes informed decisions. She is not afraid to express her thoughts or opinions when they differ from others. She always listens first. When there is a respectful discourse between parties to understand the needs and interests of others, they are able to constructively problem-solve.  

Community advocate

Allison cares about her community. She started going to council meetings when the city started its discussions about the 5th Avenue Train Station development and eventually started speaking at meetings to advocate for more responsible development. 


During the Train Station discussions, she started providing live commentary on her Facebook page to keep friends and neighbors informed. She turned this into an official role when she joined the League of Women Voters Observer Corp, and was named the official City Council Observer. She was also appointed by the Mayor to be a Trustee on Naperville Library Board, and serves as Secretary. 

Allison is passionate about Naperville. She graduated from the Citizens Police Academy and the Citizens Fire Academy, where she learned about the amazing life-saving services that both departments provide to the city of Naperville and surrounding areas. It's our Police and Fire Departments that make Naperville a safe city.


Up for adventure

Allison has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel to learn about different cultures. She has been all over the world. Her favorite trip was visiting her dad and stepmom in Kuwait and traveling to Dubai and Oman. Her openness and curiosity would be assets on City Council.

Once it was safe to travel in 2021, she and her family adventured in Iceland.

She is an avid runner. She competed in 12 half marathons and 4 triathlons, including raising funds for D203's Team NEF in three Naperville half marathons. She's currently on a running streak of over 1,380 days and uses the streak to explore neighborhoods all over the city.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Allison will bring the same discipline, focus, and energy to City Council.

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