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Community advocate

Allison is passionate about Naperville, and is active in the community. She serves as a Trustee on the Naperville Library Board, graduated from the Citizens Police and Fire Academies, was the City Council Observer for the League of Women voters, and is a Precinct Committee Person for Lisle Township. She attends local DEI events sponsored by the City of Naperville and other organizations, and promotes them on Social Media.

She attends the City Council meetings and provides summaries and commentary on her social media and links topics to background information. "I am a voice for residents who don’t have time to sit through long meetings but who want to know what's going on."

Our Library, Police, and Fire Departments consistently earn national recognition as being the best. As a Councilwoman, Allison would ensure that these departments receive the funding they need to deliver cutting-edge services to residents.

Naperville Library Board of Trustees

Allison was appointed to the Library Board of Trustees by Mayor Chirico in August 2021, and in September 2022, was elected Secretary.


There's been a lot of worry about book banning at our libraries. At the Library Board meeting in May 2022, staff presented the library's "material reconsideration" policies. If someone requests something to be "reconsidered", it goes through a process. Usually the staff member is able to convince the patron that the material should not be "reconsidered". If that doesn't work, then the executive team gets involved. No reconsideration request has ever reached the Library Board.

The number of challenges is going up, though. In 2021, there were 729, which was triple the number in 2020. They have started targeting books for teens. However, Allison feels comfortable that library managers will keep books on the shelves and will also fill almost every book request. "A truly great library has something to offend everyone."

Police bearcat.jpeg
Citizen Police Academy

Allison participated in the 12-week Citizen Police Academy and saw how dedicated they are. Their training philosophy is one from Archilochus (Greek Soldier in 650 BC): "We don't rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training."


Allison's favorite day was the presentation from the Community Services Department. From Fastrack to Caring Hands to Firearm Takeback, they offer a comprehensive menu of social services to residents.

Our Police Department is why Naperville continues to be such a safe city. Allison is committed to working with them to strengthen their relationship with the community, ensuring equitable treatment for all. 

Citizens Fire Academy

Allison graduated from the Citizens Fire Academy, where she learned first-hand ​how fortunate we are to have innovative (and persuasive!) leaders in the Naperville Fire Department. Over 4 sessions, the participants opened hydrants, carried hoses, climbed ladders, performed search and rescue, used the AutoPulse Resuscitation machine, toured the Naperville Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) equipment, and learned first hand about how prepared our fire department is. 

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

In 2019, the City Council updated its mission statement to include diversity:  "To provide services that ensure a high quality of life, sound fiscal management, and a dynamic business environment, while creating an inclusive community that values diversity." It hired its first DEI Manager in 2021 to oversee the city's efforts and to partner with local organizations. 

Allison attended the Juneteenth celebrations organized by Naperville Neighbors United, a grassroots organization dedicated to furthering Naperville's new mission statement. In November, she attended the first of many DEI roundtables, Embrace Naperville- The Power of Inclusion.

Allison supports these efforts and isn't afraid of change or progress. She is focused on policies and programs that will best serve our diverse residents, which will position Naperville for a stronger future.

Social Media Updates

Allison launched "The Rundown" on social media in April 2021. It's a compilation of events and information she thinks residents would find helpful. Everything from City and Library events, Township and County Board offerings, Library events, Elf on the Shelf ideas, agenda items from other Naperville Boards & Commissions, local High School sports (she has two daughters who are Seniors on the NNHS Track & Field Team) and the all-important City Council meeting play-by-plays, she curates fun and informative things on her social media.

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