Other issues

Naperville is a big town with a small town feel and is a reason why people want to visit. Allison wants to invest in a vibrant art scene that will attract visitors who will then stay and explore all that Naperville has to offer. This will support our local businesses and bring people together.

  • Cultural events are a way to attract visitors to Naperville and bring the community together. Naperville’s SECA funding supports high-profile events that attract already visitors (e.g fireworks, Century Walk), but its funding also supports lesser-known artists and performers (e.g. Men’s Glee Club, Neighbors United). 

  • Looking forward to 2021, SECA will be challenged with a smaller budget due to pandemic mitigation, funding for new events like Junteenth and Naper Pride will build an even more inclusive Naperville

  • Adding more public art to the already extensive offering across town is a way to boost the recovery for artists and performers post-pandemic.

  • Climate change and racial justice are two topics important to Allison's teenaged daughters. She will listen to young and marginalized voices to problem-solve these issues. She will encourage participation in the Leadership Academy, on the Sustainability Task Force (NEST), and on boards and commissions.

  • While the issue should be closed in Naperville, Allison signed the Humane Pledge in support of the Humane Ordinance passed by City Council in 2020. As the owner of a rescue dog and two rescue cats, she supports adopting animals from rescue organizations and shelters or from reputable breeders.

  • Allison applauded the Council for respecting the referendum vote to opt in for cannabis dispensaries.