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Allison supports reasonable, transparent development. Growth brings revenue to the city, and commercial sales taxes keep property taxes lower for homeowners. The development process must be transparent and inclusive. Additionally, plans must adhere to residents' needs such as minimizing congestion, safety, equity, environmental impact, and neighborhood fit.

Naperville should be affordable for young families, seniors, and everyone in between.

  • Naperville’s desirability continues to attract a wide range of commercial and residential development. As a resident of north Naperville, Allison is thrilled to see the development along the Ogden Corridor, which will improve one of the major entrances to the city. Allison appreciates the economic vitality these developments bring, both as a driver of employment and for the significant tax dollars they generate, keeping property taxes low for homeowners. 

  • Allison is a supporter of reasonable development that benefits residents, while maintaining Naperville’s hometown character. She wants development proposals to be collaborative and the result to be in harmony with the surrounding neighborhoods. 

  • New developments should always be in harmony with the environment, and the City should strongly encourage developers to adhere to its sustainability guidelines and to build "green". By using sustainable materials and native landscaping, new developments can improve the environment by requiring less water.

  • Allison will work to make Naperville to be affordable for everyone, from young families to seniors. She supports efforts to develop workforce/affordable housing.

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