Early voting expands county-wide March 22!


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The Naperville City Council Election is April 6, 2021!

Vote #7 Allison Longenbaugh

I got my start going to City Council meetings during the 5th Avenue Train Station project. I enjoyed the meetings so much that I kept going to meetings even when the project was put on hold. Having been to so many meetings, I know my neighbors are passionate about Naperville. We have all been excited and frustrated and concerned. My neighbors have experienced the same disconnect I have between what we’d like our government to do and what they are actually doing. 

I want to be a voice for all Naperville neighborhoods, not just my own. I know not all of you have the time to sit through long City Council meetings. I have almost 30 years of experience at J.P. Morgan working on the same skills it would take to be a successful Councilwoman. I will listen to your concerns, analyze the problem, and work collaboratively with stakeholders to execute the best solutions for Naperville and its residents. I want to see Naperville succeed and I know I have the skills to help Council serve the needs of its residents.


Naperville should lead the way forward in the post-COVID world. Our city's success is built on the strength of our community and the City Council needs creative solutions to help its residents. We must work together as a community to get through this challenge together.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are all on the same team. Read on to see how Allison is running for you.



Allison is going to need some help to get elected and we would love to have you on the team!

Want to volunteer, display a yard sign, or host a Meet & Greet?

Sign up here and we will get you involved! There are volunteer and internship hours available for students, too!


Allison is not a career politician. When she got into this race it was clear that this must be a people-powered movement. 

Please chip in to be part of this campaign to move Naperville forward.