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Endorsements & Support

Naperville Professional Firefighters

Allison was endorsed by by the Naperville Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 4302. "These candidates have shown and expressed a commitment to ensuring safe working conditions for all city employees and working with us to provide exceptional services to the citizens and visitors of Naperville. On April 4th, we urge you to support those who will support our mission of keeing Naperville safe."

Herald endorsement.png

Daily Herald Editorial Board March 5, 2023

“After speaking with all the candidates, hearing them talk about the issues and researching their backgrounds, we find each one to be impressive. It was not easy to narrow our choices.

Allison Longenbaugh has more than 30 years of corporate experience and knows how to work with diverse departments to increase efficiency and save costs.

Longenbaugh has shown a commitment to following what's going on in Naperville. She has regularly attended City Council meetings for years and provides live commentary and summaries on social media. All that knowledge of previous board decisions would help her hit the ground running as a council member. She would do the research needed to make informed decisions.”


Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and the FARM Team PAC


Congresswoman Lauren Underwood founded the Farm Team to elect exceptional candidates to public office at the state and local levels. Building on grassroots energy, the Farm Team identifies, recruits, trains, supports, and elects community leaders to local office in the seven counties of Illinois’s 14th congressional district.

Janet endorsement.png

Illinois State Representative Janet Yang Rohr

“These coming years will bring crucial decisions on issues such as investing in responsible development and building a sustainable future. With her collaborative work ethic and analytical mind, she’s the leader we need to ensure that all in our community continue moving forward.”

-Representative Janet Yang Rohr

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 8.15.33 AM.png

Illinois State Senator Laura Ellman


Hometown endorsements for Mayor, City Council, Park District, and School Board D203!


Indian American Political Alliance & Northern Illinois American Muslim Alliance

I thank the Indian American Political Alliance (IAPA) and the Northern Illinois American Muslim Alliance (NIAMA) for endorsing me for Naperville City Council. Our diversity makes Naperville the desirable community it is today and I'd look forward to partnering with them to strengthen our mission to be an inclusive community.

Evans endorsement.png

Lucy Chang Evans, District 3 DuPage County Board Member


“I am proud to endorse Allison Longenbaugh in her election for Naperville City Council. Allison is thoroughly versed in Naperville issues and has attended every City Council meeting since 2019. Her 30 years of professional experience, her service on the Naperville Public Library Board of Trustees, and her commitment to the people of Naperville would make her a tremendous asset to the City Council.”


Greg Schwarze, District 6 DuPage County Board Member


"Allison's integrity and strong middle class values, along with her love and dedication to her community, make her a great choice for Naperville City Council."

Rice endorsement.png

Mark Rice, 37-year Naperville Resident and Chairman of the 2020 U.S. Census Naperville Complete Count Committee


“Allison’s priorities are well-defined and responsible – Maintaining Public Safety, Transparent Development, a Vibrant Arts and Cultural Events Scene, Improving Traffic Flow and Maintaining Infrastructure. As a graduate of both the Naperville Citizens Fire Academy and Naperville Citizens Police Academy, Allison has seen these vital city services up close. Allison understands the issues and will strive to keep Naperville “The Best City in the Country!” 


Thom Higgins, 44-year resident

Daily Herald Letter to the Editor


“I strongly support Allison Longenbaugh for the upcoming Naperville City Council election.

Allison is a dedicated community leader who researches issues, visiting neighborhoods and listening to stakeholders and then offering an informed commentary of council meetings and issues on her social media. She is fair, open-minded and curious.

Anyone who has seen her speak can readily see her warmth, enthusiasm and significant knowledge of the City and its operations. She truly will be able to hit the ground running.”

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 11.02.52 AM.png

Humane Society Legislative Fund and Go Humane, Naperville


Allison supports their efforts by amplifying their message. She's highlighted bills that need attention and even made a video on how to submit a witness slip so other supporters banning the sale of puppy mill pets would know how to do the same. She supports the city ordinance to ban the sale of puppy mill pets!


Ashbury Friends & Neighbors

“After much thoughtful deliberation and discussion, Ashbury Friends and Neighbors are confident in recommending these candidates. They have distinguished themselves through their sustained service to and relevant volunteer work in our community, and have demonstrated a commitment to our shared values."

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